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About Company


PT. LEFGRIN TEKNO KREATIF is a company engaged in Management Integration System, Software and Hardware, Contractor Maintenance, Industrial Equipment, General Service and General Supplier, Civil Interior, and Exterior, Furniture, Mechanical Electrical and Engineering, we are ready to serve small companies, Medium Enterprises , and Large Companies, both Private and Government.


PT. LEFGRIN TEKNO KREATIF was established in 2018 starting from small things with a clear vision and mission, high commitment to grow into big. Collaborated with the previous group along with several other contractor companies that already had confidence in their fields.


PT. LEFGRIN TEKNO KREATIF has a strong commitment with the support of the system Management, loyal and able to compete in the business world in Indonesia, which we always have prioritizing quality and trust for the sake of harmonious and sustainable business sustainable.


PT. LEFGRIN TEKNO KREATIF offers competitive prices and offersthe best for each customer.


PT. LEFGRIN TEKNO KREATIF always conducts Research, Education, and Development designs several programs related to research and learning to strengthen the foundations of Business and Economic needs.